Hydro Nation Virtual Water Pavilion

As Glasgow hosts COP26, this virtual pavilion highlights how Scotland, as a Hydro Nation, is working across our water sector to respond to the challenges of climate change.

Scotland’s Hydro Nation Strategy was established in 2012, to fulfil the statutory duty on Scottish Ministers to ensure “the development of the value of Scotland's water resources". In the context of climate change, this means that we recognise the importance of responsible stewardship of our water resources to delivering an innovative water sector that supports a flourishing low-carbon economy and plays a crucial role in international development support.

The Hydro Nation Virtual Experience highlights some key examples of this activity and features six tours themed on key areas of Scotland’s Hydro Nation delivery. Please take some time to explore the content and immerse yourself in Scotland’s iconic water landscapes.

You will also find a planner and information on key waters-related events at the conference to assist you in planning your COP26 around water.
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Integrated Land Water Solutions for Agricultural Climate Change Mitigation

This session will bring together multiple stakeholders to strategize integrated land and water solutions for climate change mitigation. This includes understanding the current state of an area of land so that interventions can be prioritized and progress tracked over time, and ensuring that integrated interventions are tailored to local conditions, deliver multiple benefits and reflected in global frameworks and policies.

Water Pavilion: Virtual Meeting Details (waterforclimate.net)


KE: Lessons from High Impact Research – Scottish Centres of Expertise Model

The Scottish Government’s Centres of Expertise (CoE) work at the interface between policy and research and provide responsive work in areas of high policy importance drawing upon the expertise of the researchers of the Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes (SEFARI), universities, government agencies and research organisations across Scotland.

The panel will include representatives from all the current Centres, SEFARI Gateway and RESAS and we will discuss how the different approaches taken have had real impact with different stakeholders, considering examples of where Scotland continues to play an important role in providing solutions to the global climate challenge.

Register on Eventbrite.


University of Glasgow

Fore Hall


G12 8QQ


Water Resilient Food Systems: an essential pathway in the face of climate change

Climate action for shared prosperity through aquatic food systems: Eyes on SIDS and beyond

The panel will also focus on technological and digital innovations, such as climate information services, and how they can be integrated into policy and institutional reforms to catalyze the transition towards shared prosperity. Additionally, they will discuss innovative approaches being employed by governments and businesses to put aquatic foods on a low emission pathway.

Water Pavilion: Virtual Meeting Details (waterforclimate.net)


Knowledge Exchange and Impact – A Workshop for Students and Early Career Researchers

Aimed at those starting out in research, this session will provide practical tips and advice for interacting and effectively communicating science , evidence, and expertise with different audiences. The workshop will have a particular focus on engaging with policy makers and working with the audience as a partner.

To register: Knowledge Exchange and Impact – A Workshop for Students and Early Career Tickets, Tue 9 Nov 2021 at 10:00 | Eventbrite

More on SEFARI: Talking Heads: the Scottish Government Centres of Expertise - YouTube


Water, nutrition and climate change: how can we act across sectors?

This multi-stakeholder and multisectoral panel will draw from the interlinkages between these fields to explore synergetic solutions to improve access to safe water and nutrition in the face of climate change, building more environmentally sound and nutrition-sensitive food systems.

Water Pavilion: Virtual Meeting Details (waterforclimate.net)


This session will explore changing animal, plant and zoonotic (diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans) disease threats and climate change.

This session will explore changing animal, plant and zoonotic (diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans) disease threats and climate change. The focus will be on vectors (organisms that transmit a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another) and the diseases they carry, looking at emerging trends and engagement and communication with stakeholders.

Vectors and their impact on plant, animal, and human disease Tickets, Tue 9 Nov 2021 at 15:00 | Eventbrite

More info on SEFARI: Talking Heads: the Scottish Government Centres of Expertise - YouTube


Virtual Asia Hub programming

7:00 to 7:30 High Level panel (Dr. Mark Smith, DG, IWMI, Neeta Pokhrel, Chief of Water Sector Group, Asian Development Bank );

7:30-8:30 Panel and videos water management and agriculture- issues and solutions for the region;

8:30-9:00 Synthesis, future needs and messages to the Cop from Asia water interests

Water Pavilion: Virtual Meeting Details (waterforclimate.net)


Planning for uncertainty through climate-resilient water management approaches

Speakers will present on effective and scalable frameworks for assessing and addressing climate risks, identifying the policies and institutional capacity needed to more widely incorporate these approaches within national climate programs, climate finance, and the private sector.

Water Pavilion: Virtual Meeting Details (waterforclimate.net)



Hydrogen supply chain challenges

Scotland has ambitions to become a leading hydrogen nation and this event will showcase our vision, attributes, key projects, and investment opportunities. Hear about our ambitious strategy, see case studies from Scottish and global industry leaders and understand the value of hydrogen to our economy.

This session will explore how the supply chain can gear up in time to deliver the hydrogen economy. It will explain how, for Scotland, this is as much an opportunity as a challenge with case studies from key upcoming projects and leading Scottish companies and a spotlight on skills requirements.


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