Hydro Nation Virtual Water Pavilion

As Glasgow hosts COP26, this virtual pavilion highlights how Scotland, as a Hydro Nation, is working across our water sector to respond to the challenges of climate change.

Scotland’s Hydro Nation Strategy was established in 2012, to fulfil the statutory duty on Scottish Ministers to ensure “the development of the value of Scotland's water resources". In the context of climate change, this means that we recognise the importance of responsible stewardship of our water resources to delivering an innovative water sector that supports a flourishing low-carbon economy and plays a crucial role in international development support.

The Hydro Nation Virtual Experience highlights some key examples of this activity and features six tours themed on key areas of Scotland’s Hydro Nation delivery. Please take some time to explore the content and immerse yourself in Scotland’s iconic water landscapes.

You will also find a planner and information on key waters-related events at the conference to assist you in planning your COP26 around water.
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Policy, Accountability and Monitoring: Needs and opportunities for water, sanitation and hygiene

This session will showcase the importance of having the adaptation needs of water supply, sanitation and hygiene services well integrated in the national priorities set by Nationally Determined Contributions, and National Adaptation Plans, and will review success stories from countries that have advanced in this front.

Water Pavilion: Virtual Meeting Details (waterforclimate.net)


Partnerships and Finance for Climate-Resilient WASH solutions

This event will highlight the role that partnerships and finance play in developing and implementing climate-resilient WASH solutions while also underscoring the role of climate-resilient WASH in climate resilience.

Water Pavilion: Virtual Meeting Details (waterforclimate.net)


Cultural Heritage & Coastal Resilience

A creative exploration of culture and coastal resilience with British Irish Council members and critical heritage partners. Virtually traversing a range of coastal communities and initiatives, this event will examine the human experience of our coastal heritage, tangible and intangible, in the UK and beyond. Diverse voices will unravel different perspectives on the risks, changes and challenges facing our coasts. Together we will explore how our heritage can be part of building a more resilient future

Cultural Heritage and Coastal Resilience (British-Irish Council event), including Scottish case studies from HES – register with the COP26 Resilience Hub website to access the virtual event space.


Mitigation: Realising the Untapped Potential of Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Climate Mitigation

This session will explore the important contribution that drinking water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) makes to climate mitigation. 

Water Pavilion: Virtual Meeting Details (waterforclimate.net)


Scotland’s Historic Environment: The Key to a Climate Resilient Future

Scotland’s historic environment is both at risk from the impacts of climate change, but also part of the solution to the climate crisis. At this event, hosted by Historic Environment Scotland, we will explore the work underway across our sector to understand the risks and impacts of climate change.

We’ll also hear about the features of our historic environment that can make it resilient to the risks and impacts of climate change. We will then explore the role the historic environment has in creating and shaping climate resilient places and spaces across Scotland.





SCIAF - The Climate Challenge Programme Malawi in Conversation

Aaron Kandiwo Mtaya and Tapiwa Machinjiri-Gama, two of the Malawians who played a key role in implementing the Climate Challenge Programme Malawi (CCPM) by working with communities to help them adapt to our changing climate will be in Scotland for COP26. 

At this special event they will tell the story of the CCPM and the impact of Climate Change in Malawi both Scotland and Malawi. 

The event will be facilitated by Ian Dunn, SCIAF Communications Officer who will conduct a casual question and answer interview with Aaron and Tapiwa and then open up to the audience for questions and discussions.

This event will be streamed live from the Scotland Climate Ambition Zone and available for you to watch.




Coast to coast: nature-based solutions for climate, biodiversity and people – lessons learned and stories from the ground.

Premiere of an inspirational film highlighting coastal habitat restoration with examples from the UK, China, South Korea and the Cayman Islands, followed by an expert Q&A panel discussion.

Green Zone: Tower Based South

Watch Live: Coast to Coast: Nature-Based Solutions for Climate, Biodiversity & People | #COP26 - YouTube


Resilient Together: Water and Climate Adaptation Collective Action from the Private Sector

Conscientious consumption across cities and regions – a vision for a circular Scotland

It's vital for us to reimagine the way we live to support responsible consumption and tackle the climate crisis. Scotland can lead the way, embedding the circular economy in towns, cities and regions. Zero Waste Scotland is working with councils, local authorities and businesses to drive this shift.


Register to attend

Register to attend these events on eventsair - a Scottish Government partner website. You'll need to create an account to attend.


Climate Risk and Adaptation: How We Understand and Respond to Climate Change Hazards

This event showcases the UK’s proactive steps to build adaptive capacity and reduce climate risk to communities both domestically and internationally through risk assessments, action-oriented research and knowledge exchange. The panel discussion will draw on findings from the third Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk published in 2021. The event is co-organised by Defra, FCDO, CCC, the Met Office and the University of Exeter.


  • Jo Churchill MP is the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra).
  • Professor Gideon Henderson, CSA, Defra.
  • Dr Rosalind West, Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)
  • Dr Ana Maria Loboguerrero Rodriguez, Head of Global Policy Research, International Center for Tropical Agriculture
  • Baroness Brown, Chair, Adaptation Committee, UK Climate Change Committee
  • Professor Richard Betts, Head of Climate Impacts Research at the Met Office Hadley Centre and Char in Climate Impacts at the University of Exeter

Further information:

  • This event will be held in the blue zone at COP26 and therefore in person attendance will require accreditation, these are not open to the public.
    • To note: These tickets can't guarantee in-person attendance as there is a limit to the room capacity.
  • A breakfast reception will precede this event from 8:00-9:00, showcasing video materials from our co-organisers with an opportunity to socialise. Refreshments will be provided.


COP26 - Climate Risk and Adaptation Tickets, Mon 8 Nov 2021 at 09:00 | Eventbrite

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